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I think. These locations will be my tourist spots for the next 5-10 years before, I retire permanently..


Kidnapping in Vilcabamba.


intended to require

$ 400,000

to liberate


An American citizen was kidnapped in the Vilcabamba parish, south of the province of Loja. The kidnappers allegedly planned to demand $ 400,000 to liberate women. However, the victim was found abandoned in a warehouse of a condo in Cuenca. Four people are detained for investigations.

Yesterday afternoon, the Third Court of Criminal Guarantees of Cuenca, chaired by Sonia Cardenas issued remand order for investigations into his alleged involvement in the kidnapping.

The prosecutor, Vilma Ortega, during the hearing of indictment said the night of the last Tuesday in a house located in Vilcabamba, Loja Province, a woman of American nationality was kidnapped when stood by her partner and a man who apparently helped with the translation of Spanish language to foreign couple during their stay.

Unknown to perform abduction appropriated a Toyota Land Cruiser, owned by the same victim. In the automobile were brought American and the man who accompanied her as a translator, while the cohabitant was left in the same house.

Unknown traveled to the city of Cuenca and early Wednesday left a woman in a cellar of a condominium, located on Avenida Fray Vicente Solano Avenue and February 27.

Around noon Wednesday a security guard said he heard noises condo in a cellar and reviewing realized that a woman remained handcuffed and gagged. Immediately the fact was communicated to the ECU-911 to send an ambulance and police. Citizen was released and assisted by lifeguards.


The case was investigated by staff of the Anti-Kidnapping and Extortion (JOIN) Unit. Police developed a search operation to locate possible involved in the crime.

Wednesday afternoon, in Loja-Vilcabamba pathway was arrested the man who allegedly accompanied as a translator to foreigners, who police said was carrying a note with apparently the hijackers intended to require delivery of $ 400,000 to liberate women, pointing as the deadline for the delivery of money until Aug. 23, otherwise the woman would become part of a list of missing. The text referring to the delivery of the money would be in Guayaquil bus terminal.

The man who carried the note containing the text referred is one of the detainees. After monitoring the police conducted a search operation for two people allegedly involved would, in the province of El Oro. A man was arrested in Jambelí and one in Puerto Bolivar. (KOQ)


During the kidnapping, according to the prosecution, the woman suffered an injury to a limb.

Persons arrested for their alleged involvement research are three men of Ecuadorian nationality and an American woman. The prosecution accused them of kidnapping.

Article 162 of the new Code of Criminal Integral points on the crime of kidnapping for ransom: If the person is meant to commit another offense or get to the victim or victims or third parties money, goods, securities, documents, benefits, acts or omissions which produce legal effects or altering in any way your rights in exchange for his freedom, shall be punished with imprisonment from ten to thirteen.

What is happening in Bolivia can happen in Ecuador. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/15/evo-morales-seeks-third-term-in-bolivia

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US-Morphic opinions: When we evaluate the Ecuador from a USA perspective, for example when we expect freedom of press, no search, and seizure, and traffic laws to be enforced. Then complain as if we are living in the USA. What good fun...

The map on Vilcabamba are looking good.

I am Andy Lee Graham, I am collecting information for a City Guide to Vilcabamba. I also am making videos for YouTube. Only Member can enter as of now. We will publish this as a guide book soon.

I have arrived in Vilcabamba, it is May 30, 2014. This is Andy Lee Graham, the owner of MyVilcabamba. Gracias. Andres. - I am in Hotel Jardin Escondido no 11. Gracias

Need to know more about San Jacinto y San Clemente area, specifically San Alejo. Can you please help?
Looking to buy small house, need to know basics of community. Thx

How much rain is there in Vilcabamba? When is the rainy season?